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Our Story

In 2005, the founders, Yang Dan and Yang Xi, started a chocolate business in China. The sisters had tried traditional European handmade-chocolate, with filling, at a party in a luxury hotel for the first time.  When they took a bite, the thin chocolate shell began to melt.  The taste of the chocolate was extremely soft and 'tender'.  As it slowly melted, the rich flavor was fully released, giving the sisters an extremely beautiful tasting experience.  They were shocked.  'How could chocolate be like this?'  'Why don't we see this chocolate in our daily lives, and can we make this wonderful chocolate available to more people?'
Next, the sisters started on their chocolate journey, embarking on this sweet and wonderful entrepreneurial story.
the Amovo chocolate factory

Our Mission

We pursue simple, healthy chocolate.

From the beginning of our business, we completely eliminated cocoa butter replacements (palm oil, vegetable oil, etc.), GMO ingredients, gluten, and other additives that affect the taste and health of the chocolate from the entire supply chain. We made chocolate belong to chocolate.

In the same year, we established our own factory to undertake the complex design and specific production needs.

We focus on the health value of dark chocolate to bring to our customers while also making innovations and breakthroughs in cocoa content, design of product, and packaging.

We constantly upgrade to match the changing rhythms of people’s sugar intake and the sugar substitute industry. We stay actively knowledgeable on sugar substitutes that are non-intrusive and put it into the chocolate. People who want to have sugar control now have more choices. We make chocolate a healthy energy food.

In our entire supply chain management, the concepts of sustainable development, fair trade, environmental protection, and non-GMO are integrated into every management detail and decision.

Customer experience is our first priority, we are completely honest and transparent to our customers. This philosophy is integrated into every aspect of production and service.

Through the professional ERP and OA system, our brand established an efficient background management system on the net form platform. Our brand has been long committed to the standardization of employee and management executional results to ensure product quality and stability in all departments.

We concentrate on the work experience of each of our members and strive to provide everyone with simple, clear duties to execute their jobs. Each member can easily succeed in their respective positions, making the work relaxing and enjoyable, and being able to promote them in the right way.

We respect the rights of our employees, balancing their work and personal life, and are actively cultivating positive working habits and methods.

pair of hands holding cocoa beans 

Our Vision

We expect delicious and healthy chocolate to become part of people's lives.


Our Value

We create a simple chocolate that preserves the best original flavor of the cocoa bean. We continue to innovate and lead the trend of healthy chocolate.

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