What is Chocolate?​​
Chocolate is a unique flavored food that is made up of just the right amount of raw chocolate mass. This raw chocolate is made from grounded-up cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and sugar.
2) What is Pure Cocoa Butter?
Cocoa butter is a pure and natural fat that comes from cocoa beans. Having the pure cocoa butter made correctly and in the correct amount is important to perfecting luxurious chocolate. In addition to its amazing taste, it is also rich in a variety of healthy fats – mainly oleic and stearic acid.
3) What is Substituted Cocoa Butter?​
Substituted Cocoa Butter imitates the flavor and texture of pure cocoa butter. Substitutes are generally divided into four categories: “Vegetable Oil”, “Refined Vegetable Oil”, “Palm Oil” and “Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil”. The content of this substituted Cocoa Butter Chocolate is greater than 5%! It replaces the most valuable part of cocoa butter in chocolate with artificial vegetable oil, which can be very harmful and unhealthy to the human body. In international markets, it is not even allowed to be called chocolate! ​ This is like adding imitation meat flavor to a flour ball. Even though it might have a hint of a meat taste, it does not contain meat, let alone the use of high-quality meat.​
4) What is the difference in sweetness between sucrose-free and the sucrose version of your chocolate products?
The sucrose-free sweetness comes from a sugar substitute called Maltitol. Maltitol sweetness is a very healthy sugar substitute, as it does not stimulate insulin, hardly raises blood sugar, is not completely digested, and therefore can effectively inhibit fat accumulation. Maltitol sweetness tastes about 70% of real sucrose, however, Maltitol is a low-energy sugar substitute that diabetics and fitness people can safely eat. Therefore, in terms of taste, the sweetness of the sucrose version is slightly higher than that of the sucrose-free version, but it is much bitter.
5) How much cocoa butter is used in your chocolate?
Both the dark and sugar-free chocolate products use more than 35% cocoa butter content, except for the milk version.
6) Can pregnant women eat chocolate?
Chocolate can be consumed during pregnancy. But be careful: it should not be eaten in the first trimester of pregnancy, and it is best not to eat it within five months. After six months, you can eat some in moderation.
7) Can I eat chocolate while breastfeeding?
There is a substance called theobromine contained in chocolate, which should not be eaten by mothers, as it will penetrate breast milk and be absorbed by the baby, and can accumulate itself in the baby's body.
8) Can children safely eat chocolate?
Children under 3 years of age should not eat a lot of chocolate. Pay attention when children eat chocolate, it should not be eaten before meals, eating chocolate before meals is an easy way to produce a feeling of fullness, affecting the child's appetite; do not eat before going to bed, as it can cause a child to get excited and therefore negatively affect their sleep. (We recommend AMOTRIO Couverture Bear Shaped Lollipops, Sugar-Free, and Sucrose for kids)
9) What is the difference between sugar-free and sucrose-free?
The sugar-free and cane sugar-free versions of AMOTRIO Chocolate refer to the fact that there is no added sucrose, and the sweetness is from maltitol, which is a very healthy sugar substitute that does not stimulate insulin, it also does not raise blood sugar levels by a significant amount, cannot be digested, and can effectively inhibit fat accumulation. Maltitol sweetness tastes about 70% of real sucrose, however, Maltitol is a low-energy sugar substitute that diabetics and fitness people can safely eat. 100% Dark Chocolate refers to the absence of any added sucrose and sugar substitutes.
10) What is the difference between these two?
Both are sucrose-free lollipops (because the first one meets the sugar-free review standard, it can be called sugar-free), the first is a 54% dark chocolate lollipop, and the second one is a milk lollipop, the dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content than the milk chocolate and has a heavier cocoa taste.
11) Is there an aftertaste?
No. Our chocolate will never leave an after-taste
12) How long until my order ships?
Once an order has been placed, it will ship within 24hrs. Based on your geographical location, allow 3-5 business days for delivery. (Ships from California)
13) Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we only ship within the United States.
14) Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you are able to cancel your order before it ships. Although, once it has shipped there is no way to cancel your order. We apologize for the inconvenience.
15) Can I make changes to my order after I've placed it?
Unfortunately, once your order has been placed, there is no option to make changes. Please, double-check your order before you submit it.
16) What if I'm unhappy with my order?
If your shipment arrives damaged or melted, we would be more than happy to send out a replacement or refund you. (a photo must be provided) We apologize in advance.
17) What if my items are damaged or melted?
We apologize this has happened to your items, in this rare occasion please contact our support team and we will make this right for you.
18) My order has not yet arrived, what can I do?
Due to large amounts of orders our team is still working very hard to ship out your orders as quickly possible. We suggest waiting patiently as your order should arrive very soon.
19) Do you offer gift wrapping or personalized message options?
Gift wrapping or personalized messages are available at your request.
20) My order is a gift...do you include price information on your packing slips?
Rest assured we do not include pricing information in our packaging for gift orders.
21) My tracking says delivered, but never received it. What can I do?
In the case that this occurs, please contact your shipping carrier first before contacting AMOTRIO customer service.
22) My code isn't working, what do I do?
Please let us know if this issue is happening to you by messaging our Customer Service team following this link for further assistance
23) Where do your products come from?
Our main ingredients are sourced from Belgium
24) How long have you been in business?
AMOTRIO has been in business since 2007.
25) What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept the following payment types: