The Beginning

Back in 2005, two sisters, Yang Dan and Yang Xi, ignited their chocolate adventure in China. Their sweet journey began when they tasted European handmade chocolates with fillings at a luxurious hotel party. The magic happened with a single bite— the delicate chocolate shell melted, releasing an exceptionally soft and tender flavor. It was a taste revelation! Intrigued and shocked, they wondered, "Why isn't chocolate like this in our daily lives?" Inspired, they set out on a mission to share this exquisite chocolate experience with more people. And so, the sisters embarked on a delightful, chocolate-filled entrepreneurial story.
the Amovo chocolate factory


Our Mission

In our chocolate journey, simplicity and health take center stage. From the very start, we banished cocoa butter replacements, GMO ingredients, gluten, and any additives that might compromise the pure joy of chocolate from our supply chain. We wanted chocolate to be just that—chocolate.

In that same year, we set up our own factory, allowing us to intricately design and meet specific production needs. Our focus? Dark chocolate that not only delights taste buds but also champions health. We're all about pushing boundaries—be it in cocoa content, product design, or packaging innovation.

Adapting to the ebb and flow of sugar intake trends, we stay ahead in the sugar substitute game. For those seeking sugar control, we provide more choices, making chocolate not just a treat but a wholesome energy source.

Throughout our supply chain, sustainability, fair trade, environmental protection, and non-GMO principles are embedded in every decision. But most importantly, customer experience reigns supreme. We're open, honest, and transparent because we believe in delivering more than just chocolate – we're serving an experience.

Behind the scenes, our brand boasts an efficient online management system, ensuring standardized excellence in every department. We care about our team, providing simple, clear roles that make work enjoyable and promotable. Respecting our employees' rights, we foster positive habits and work-life balance, creating a workplace that feels like home. Because here, at the heart of our chocolate story, everyone's journey is sweet and satisfying.


pair of hands holding cocoa beans 

Our Vision
Picture this: a world where delicious and healthy chocolate seamlessly weaves into the fabric of everyday life. That's our dream! We envision our chocolate not just as a treat but as a delightful companion in the little moments, making life a tad sweeter and healthier. Imagine reaching for a piece of goodness that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also aligns with your well-being goals. It's more than just chocolate; it's a flavorful partner in your daily adventures, adding a touch of joy and health to every bite. Join us on this flavorful journey, where our dream is to make chocolate an essential, guilt-free pleasure for all!


Our Value

We're on a mission to keep it simple, letting the pure flavor of cocoa shine. But that's not all – we're also leading the charge in crafting healthier chocolate trends. Picture a treat that's both delicious and good for you. That's our sweet spot! Join us on this flavorful journey, where simplicity and innovation collide to redefine what chocolate can be.